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Mega Paradise Water Slide Bounce House Combo!

32' L X 16' W X 15.5' H

Full Day Rental! | Wet or Dry $450
(taxes will be added to the total price)

Take the fun and excitement of jumping and playing in a water slide bounce house and MEGA SIZE it with the Mega Paradise Water Slide Bounce House Combo! From their bright, vibrant colors, to the spacious bouncing area and incredibly fun big slide, kids can't help but look at these units in awe. This unit stretches out for 32' feet of fun, exciting activities that may even have a few parents secretly wanting to jump in! Crawl into the bouncing area through our enclosed tunnel entrance. Have a blast jumping, bouncing, and laughing on this mega bouncer! Climb up the short rock climb wall to get a view of the flowing water down the slide. Get ready, then head down to the splash pad at the bottom for a grand finale and some photos for the scrapbook! The Mega Paradise Water Slide Bounce House Combo brings everything needed to the party to have a great time, and fills it with all the joy that kids (and adults!) want on a fun, exciting, and memorable play day.

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